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Weekly Report - 15/5/2015




This week saw some good progress. I can successfully push rules to the switch and have traffic correctly flow through to devices. This saw the end of what my current testing enrivonment which so far was some simple mininet hosts sitting there waiting for something to happen.

I've spun up a new VM which has a tunnel between itself and the mininet VM, which I'm attaching to the current mininet topology in order to have more control over the host running dhcp, since we'll need to run OVS in front of this to deal with the triple VLAN tags according to Brad.

Currently this tunnel isn't working, which will be the next thing to fix. Once I have this running, spinning up a dhcpd and getting dhcp traffic back to the host asking for an address should be simple and said host should get an address.

Edit: I've since got this working today, error in my script in which interface was selected for the tap. Home time now.