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Weekly Report -- 15/06/2012




Revisited my original manual classifications of various anomalies. Added yet another threshold that must be exceeded before an event is triggered -- the anomalous measurement must now cause a much more significant movement in the sample mean away from zero. This reduced the number of false positives in a couple of my graphs and only minor events were lost. Decided that many of the false negatives I had noted last week were arguably not events at all (and definitely not significant enough to warrant alerting) so re-classified them appropriately.

Started working on some C programming lectures for 301 next semester. Hopefully I can do a good enough job that we can re-use the content as an online C teaching resource rather than every course that requires C having to do a rushed job of teaching it to students who may not have come across it before.

Spent a fair bit of time helping various 513 students with using libtrace to analyse CDN traffic in a packet trace.