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Weekly Report -- 15/04/2016




Continued working on the event filtering mechanism for amp-web. Added support for an ASN->AS name mapping database which will be used to manage the list of AS's that can be filtered on, as well as be used for labeling our traceroute graphs (instead of querying which can fail from time to time).

Changes to event filters are now posted back to the amp-web server and saved for the next time the user loads the event dashboard.

Started working on actually filtering the events based on the user's selections. I've got filtering working for time period, maximum event groups, event types, sources and targets. One interesting side effect of filtering is that the removal of certain events from event groups can create situations where we have duplicate event groups (because the events that made those groups distinct are no longer on the dashboard). Removing events can also change the start time of an event group and therefore event groups no longer appear in chronological order. As a result, I've had to re-work the event processing to correct for these issues.