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Weekly Report




One of the busiest weeks I've had this week so had very little time to work on 520. Fixed some bugs in last week's code and did some investigation into using non-blocking OpenSSL. I found out that the BIO_gets() line reading also works correctly with non-blocking I/O (it returns a line or it doesn't), not sure how I missed that the first time around as it means I can get rid of all of my nasty pointer arithmetic and newline finding in my receive code. Made a lot of useful progress on Monday (when I am posting this) towards that, with much more elegant code. Combining this with BIO_pending() (which is documented in a strange part of the OpenSSL documentation) means I can avoid issues with reading too far in frame bodies without a content length by reading a byte at a time from the buffer without stooping to reading a single byte per user frame getting call or being only partly non-blocking. I have also started preparing for my conference presentation.