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Weekly Report




Busy week last week. Earlier in the week I ran callgrind profiling to look at why persistence was being slow. I then broke persistence for several hours while trying to convert it to re-using prepared statements, which turned out to be something completely silly but used up time. Unfortunately it made little difference to the speed (so it must just be the disk transactions). I can always bundle transactions if it is a problem.

The middle of the week was mostly taken up with other assignments. On Thursday afternoon I managed to come down with the flu (which luckily only lasted a few days), which while not too bad, meant I couldn't work quickly on my assignment or concentrate properly on my project. I did manage to drag myself to in2securITy on Saturday, and was glad I did. So, instead of taking the risk of breaking everything re-writing sending/receiving as I planned, I cleaned up the error handling of persistence and tested it doesn't crash when the database is locked. I also took the time to get rid of some of the worst extraneous string duplication in other parts of the code to whittle down the list of refactoring to do later.