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Weekly Report -- 14/08/2014




Noticed a bug in my Plateau parameter evaluation which meant that Time Series Variability changes were being included in the set of Plateau events. Removing those meant that my results were a lot saner. The best set of parameters now gives a 83% precision rating and the average delay is now below 5 minutes. Started on a similar analysis for the next detector -- the Changepoint detector.

Continued updating libprotoident. I've managed to capture a few days of traffic from the University now, so that is introducing some new patterns that weren't present in my previous dataset. Added new rules for MongoDB, DOTA2, Line and BMDP.

Still having problems with long duration captures being interrupted, either by the DAG dropping packets or by the RT protocol FIFO filling up. This prompted me to start working on WDCap4: the parallel libtrace edition. It's a complete re-write from scratch so I am taking the time to carefully consider every feature that currently exists in WDCap and deciding whether we actually need it or whether we can do it better.