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Weekly Report -- 14/06/2013




Finished preparing NNTSC for packaging. Wrote an init script for the NNTSC collector and ensured that all of the subprocesses are cleaned up when the main collector process is killed. Wrote some manpages, updated the other documentation and added some licensing to NNTSC before handing it off to Brendon for packaging.

Also moved towards packaging netevmon. Again, lots of messing around with daemonisation and ensuring that the monitor can be started and stopped nicely without anyone having to manually hunt down processes.

Spent the rest of my time working on the interaction between amp-web and History.js. Only one entry is placed in the history for each visited graph now and selecting a graph from the history will actually show you the right graph. Navigating to a graph via the history will also now update the dropdown lists to match the currently viewed graph. When using click and drag to explore a graph, clicking once on the graph will return to the previous zoom level (this was already present, but only worked for exploring the detailed graph, not the summary one).