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Weekly Report - 14/03/14




Spent a few hours this week looking into 802.15.4, some implementations of it and common protocol stacks, which will be relevant to my honours project this year. Wrote a quick blurb outlining my objectives that will probably have changed significantly by the time I write my proposal next week.

The blurb: 802.15.4 is an IEEE standard for the physical and MAC layers of highly resource-constrained, low speed wireless personal area networks. Protocols at higher layers allow communication with other devices: 6LoWPAN, an implementation of IPv6 over 802.15.4, allows communication with any other IPv6 devices also bridged into the network. The security considerations of technologies such as these are increasingly scrutinised. Existing security standards are not viable on resource-constrained networks, and as yet, no solutions for this scenario have been standardised. This project therefore seeks to evaluate proposed solutions for achieving fully secure communication on an IP-based Internet of Things.

Perhaps instead of security, another aspect I would like to look into is the deployment of HTTP and UPnP on an 802.15.4 network, which would be useful in connecting IoT devices.