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Weekly Report -- 14/02/2014




Continued redevelopment of the NNTSC exporting code to be more robust and reliable. Replaced the live data pipes used by the dataparsers to push live data to the exporter with a RabbitMQ queue, which seems to be working well.

Modified the way that subscribing to streams worked to try and solve a problem we were having where data that arrived while historical data was being queried was not being pushed out to interested clients. Now, we store any live data that arrives for streams that are still being queried and push that out as soon as we get an indication from the query thread that the query has finished.

Unfortunately, we can still miss historical measurements if they haven't been committed to the database at the time when the final query begins. This often crops up if netevmon is resubscribing after NNTSC has been restarted, resulting in us missing out on the last historical measurement before the subscribe message arrives. Still looking for an elegant way to solve this one.

Added a version check message to the NNTSC protocol. This message is sent by the server as soon as a client connects and the client API has been updated to require its internal version to match the one received from the server. If not, the client stops and prints a message telling the user to update their client API. This should be helpful to the students who were previously getting weird broken behaviour with no apparent explanation whenever I made an API change to the production NNTSC on prophet.

Chased down a build issue with libtrace on FreeBSD 10. Turns out we had made the dist tarball with an old version of libtool which was stupidly written to never build shared libraries if the OS matched FreeBSD 1* (because FreeBSD 1.X didn't support shared libraries). Easy enough to fix, I just have to remember to make the libtrace distribution on something other than Debian Squeeze. Will start working on a new libtrace release in the near future so I don't keep getting emails from FreeBSD users.