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Weekly report




I spent last week prodding libflowinfo and making it ready for extracting features of the waikato 8 trace set. I threw out autoconf since it'd broken and I couldn't be bothered figuring out with what and replaced it with CMake. I fixed several bugs in the process and added support for measuring statistics about advertised TCP windows. I also got code from Shane to measure MSS over a flow.

I think that I have a decent amount of metrics now, and apart from possibly doing an FFT over some of the data I'm collecting it's getting pretty good.

The next step will be to run the software over the waikato traces and then run my anomaly detection software over the outputs.

libflowinfo isn't too far from a state where it could potentially be released if anyone thinks that's a good idea. It'd need some documentation written and copyright information added to the files, as well as two extra tests added to the CMake files.