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Weekly Report




Got a little bogged down for the first part of the week with other course work, and was a little slow starting after that. Made up for most of this over the weekend though. I have completed pretty much all of the basic persistence/retrieval of frames to/from the database and wrote some unit tests for this. Still to enable the WAL and recovery flags, and test reloading when the program exits (though I have inspected the database with sqlite3, and before I removed duplicates they were being read back successfully by the test program). The main thing left to do (apart from a large number of minor code cleanups, some of which I have been doing as I revisit code), is to refactor frame sending/receiving for asynchronous use, which I am determined to have done by the end of the week.

I have been having a think about what is needed for peer-to-peer and have realized that nearly all of my code is re-usable for server-client communications, the only additions that should be needed are accepting rather than opening a connection and responding to CONNECT, receipts and disconnects appropriately (all of which can use the existing basic sending/receiving); as well as some kind of destination to connection subscription tracking (both client-server and server-client).