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Weekly Report 13/07/2015




I made good progress with the application. I have set up most of the back end, particularly the values to be used to query the database. I can request flow information for the network as a whole or on a per-device basis. I have also added the ability to assign a name to a MAC address. I was thinking of using the hostnames of the hosts but it would be kind of hacky given only the MAC address, plus reverse-DNS would have to be set up on the local network.

Although sFlow was useful since it supported MAC addresses, the sampling isn't ideal for getting an accurate picture of the devices behaviour on the network. I found a program called softflowd which listens on an interface and is capable of exporting Netflow version 9. It looks like Netflow V9 is going to be the only protocol that can be used with my application since it supports everything I require, in particular MAC addresses, direction information and application information. Currently I inspect the interface index to determine direction in my parser script, which means that the SNMP must be configured to assign these values which isn't likely on a home network. I hope to get port mirroring set up on a switch and use softflowd to construct and export Netflow V9 packets to my collector. This won't affect the application itself because the database schema will be the same.