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Weekly Report -- 13/07/2012




Had the first round of review for my write-metadata patch this week. There's two parts to this, support on OpenFlow 1.0 via vendor extensions, and support on 1.1 with the official instruction type. The instruction side just needs minimal changes but on the vendor side, my patch had a few unintended consequences - allowing for multiple metadata instructions to be executed in a single table. More rigorous protocol decode functions--and tests to verify they work--should prevent some of these issues.

For SCTP this week, I got a copy of the CRC32c checksum code from Linux and made use of it for the userspace implementation. I tried setting up my emulation network machine to use Linux Containers as hosts which connect to Open vSwitch, the idea being that I could run some basic SCTP example applications and test that the switch is forwarding/modifying as expected. Unfortunately I came across an issue with LXC where creating a socket fails when using the parameters AF_INET, SOCK_SEQPACKET and IPPROTO_SCTP. It reports back that the address family is not supported. The impression I got from a quick googling was that LXC hasn't really been tried with anything other than TCP/UDP. I'll probably just switch to qemu next week.