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Weekly Report -- 13/02/2014




Tested and released a new libtrace version (3.0.22). The plan is that this will be the last release of libtrace3 (barring urgent bug fixes) and Richard and I can now focus on turning parallel libtrace into the first libtrace4 release.

Continued working on adding detector configuration to netevmon. Everything seems to be in place and working now, so will look to extend the configuration to cover other aspects of netevmon (e.g. eventing or anomalyfeed) in the near future.

Spent a bit of time on Friday refactoring some of Meena's eventing code to hopefully perform a bit better and avoid attempts to insert duplicate events into the database. The code currently catches the duplicate exception and continues on, but it would be much nicer if we weren't relying on the database to tell us that the event already exists.