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Weekly Report -- 13/01/2017




Spent a bit of time testing out some of Brendon's AMP tutorial instructions, making sure that everything so far is sane and no steps are missing. I anticipate there will be a lot more of this next week as the tutorial gets closer to a complete draft.

Continued working on verifying and fixing the auto-generated FSMs. Going over the entire set of generated FSMs from my test dataset threw up a number of bogus looking machines, so I've been working on investigating and (when necessary) fixing the problems. I've also managed to get self-repeating states working correctly for the most part; just one or two edge cases that still need to be detected and handled properly. Re-implemented tagging the original call logs with the FSMs that were matched by subsequences within the call log -- the current implementation is naive in that it assumes any state within a machine could be a start state, which is not going to scale well so I need to come up with a way to infer potential start states (or at least rule out definite non-start states).

Re-worked libflowmanager to be usable in a parallel situation. Previously, the flow map was a global variable. Now, you can have multiple flow maps so you can have one per thread and use libtrace's bidirectional hashing to ensure that each flow corresponds to only one thread, and therefore only one flow map.

Started experimenting with using parallel libtrace with libprotoident applications. I soon ran into a bug where using the built-in hasher thread to distribute packets could cause a deadlock, so spent most of Friday trying to track this down.