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Weekly Report - 12/5/13




It's been awhile since I've posted but over the last few weeks I have studied over the 802.11ad standard and its particulars, along with a detailed review of the wlan flow within ns-3, and I have started on adding a couple of 802.11ad PHY into ns-3.
I have a reasonable grasp of 802.11ad but there are of course a few things I'll need to properly cover when the time comes such as the association beamforming training and medium contention within the announcement period. This stuff will come when I need to add it into ns-3.
I have begun my additions to ns-3 by starting with the channel and PHY layers with the addition of 2 out of 32 different modulation and coding scheme types, the Control PHY at 27 Mbps and a single carrier BPSK PHY at just over a Gbps. I am currently working on the addition of a TxVector object to be passed up and down the stack to allow easy attribute additions in the future.