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Weekly Report - 12/12/14




Spent those last 2 weeks implementing and testing event grouping and writing those events to a Postgres database on Prophet. Shane also finished collecting ground truth and generating an updated set of probabilities including the newest detectors (BinSegChangepoint and SeriesModeDetector), so I worked on calculating the accuracy of the new probabilities. Shane also calculated a series of probabilities for using the magnitudes as another source of input for Dempster-Shafer by calculating the probability that a magnitude from a certain bin ( e.g. 0-10, 11-20, 21-30, etc) is significant, a FP or undecided. I added those values to the DS calculations and ensured that the magnitude probs would only be used as a source of input once, i.e. the DS score is calculated for the detectors that had fired at the time, and then the magnitude is combined with the DS score.

Because of previous experience with indexing by streams, we decided to test the use of a separate table for each stream. I implemented the creation of new tables as they are encountered, adding events to each stream's tables and started working on updating the appropriate event after a detection occurs. Testing was quite sluggish, so will need to bug Brad about running Postgres on spectre instead of prophet.