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Weekly Report -- 12/09/2014




Released a new version of libtrace on Tuesday that contains the most recent batch of bug fixes. Started moving the libtrace wiki from trac to github; only the tool pages are left to migrate.

Updated netevmon to support the new family-based streams in NNTSC. Since this new approach results in one time series per stream (as opposed to multiple streams having to be aggregated into each time series), this greatly simplified the anomalyfeed script. Added event detection for changes in AS paths which operates in much the same way as the old IP path event detection.

Started adding the ability to specify a subset of streams / collections for event detection in netevmon, rather than automatically running against all streams. The streams / collections of interest are provided via a config file and a SIGHUP will cause the file to be re-read and any necessary changes made. This also
meant I had to add unsubscribe support to the NNTSC exporter, so that it would stop sending live updates for streams that had been removed from the config file.