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Weekly Report -- 12/08/2016




Got NNTSC and amp-web working with the sysdig data that Harris gave me, so we have a simple proof-of-concept. After talking with Harris some more, he is interested in finding patterns in the syscall logs that are "predictable" so that we can build models of known specific actions on a system (e.g. opening a file with vim, starting a python interpreter etc). Started working on a script to identify common patterns in the sysdig logs so that we can get an idea as to what these patterns look like and how hard they will be to recognise and identify.

Continued tracking down unknown traffic patterns with libprotoident. Managed to nail one pattern that had been bugging me for a long time: the Baidu Yun P2P protocol. Also added rules for YY, Overwatch, Zoom TCP and NetCat CCTV.