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Weekly Report




Wrote a bunch of tests and thus fixed a number of bugs in my stomp frame handling. Still having some trouble with an elegant way of receiving arbitrary length frames, made some progress towards reorganising things before going home for the weekend on Thursday evening. Think I'll need an internal buffer regardless, as it is theoretically possible for a read to include the start of another frame (I'll have to be careful of this for persistence).

Speaking of persistence, started having a look at potential systems over the weekend. I'm still leaning towards a well-known well tested fairly bulletproof lightweight embedded database and/or key-value store. The main contenders being Berkeley DB and SQLite, especially as they are so widely used so likely already installed; though I am looking at others like LevelDB and Tokyo/Kyoto Cabinet. Little worried about potential version issues with BDB, though it should be less of an issue as the queue isn't permanent. Also looking to see if there are any well tested persistent queuing libraries (which is a hard term to search for). Don't see much point in a totally custom or little used solution, as the potential for edge-case bugs wouldn't really give any benefit over current AMP. Avoiding proprietary/commercial systems also helps narrow down the list.