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Weekly Report -- 11/11/2011




Started collating together the results of my analysis of dark and sleeper traffic in the ISP traces. It's not finished yet, but the results I have so far can be viewed at

CCR rejected my libprotoident paper, primarily due to a reviewer stating that we had not compared against the "state of the art" described in a paper from 2006 ( This particular technique requires no packet payload, but is only able to identify 10 different TCP application protocols (although I can supposedly create new models for other TCP applications).

I tested the default models against some ISP traffic and found that it performed much better than I had expected, but was still less accurate than the weakest of the OSS DPI techniques. Their failure rate (in terms of misclassified bytes) was 24%, compared with 4.5% for libprotoident.

Started integrating Vineyard's NAVL library into my traffic classification evaluation tool. Started out OK, but ran into a few problems with not being able to force NAVL to expire internal entries for UDP flows when I have decided the flow has ended. This creates a problem if the 5-tuple reappears later, as NAVL returns an error when I try to create a new NAVL connection for that flow because NAVL believes the flow already exists. I've filed a support request, so hopefully I'll get some sort of solution in the next day or two.

Continued integrating Simon's OSPF code into libtrace.