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Weekly Report -- 11/09/2014




Added anonymisation to the new wdcap, using libcrypto to generate the AES-encrypted bits that we use as a mask to anonymise IP addresses. This has two major benefits: 1) we don't need to maintain or support our own implementation of AES and 2) libcrypto is much more likely to be able to detect and use AES CPU instructions.

Deployed the new wdcap and libtrace on the Endace box. I've managed to get wdcap running but the client that is writing the packets to disk has a tendency to crash after an hour or two of capture, so there's still a wee way to go before it's ready. The wdcap server that is capturing off the DAG card and exporting to the client has been pretty robust.

Started on polishing up libtrace4 for a beta release. There's still quite a bit of fiddly outstanding work to do before we can release. Fixed the tick bug that I discovered a couple of weeks back and finished up the new callback API that I had proposed to Richard a few months back that he had mostly implemented. Ported tracertstats and tracestats to use the new API.