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Weekly Report - 11/04/14




Thanks to Richard I now have an STM32W RF Control Kit, which I had a chance to play around with a little bit this weekend. Spent some time looking through its documentation and eventually found Windows drivers for communicating with each component (the USB dongle and the application board) through a virtual COM interface. The boards run a simple "chat" application by default so you can see the RF communication between them by typing into one COM terminal and watching it appear at the other end. I tested flashing another couple of sample applications, in particular one that is mentioned in the documentation that contains a number of commands for testing functionality. (The LED commands didn't seem to actually control the LEDs, but otherwise it seemed to function as described in the docs so I assume I'm still on the right track...) All in all an interesting intro and next week I'll start looking into what it's going to take to get Contiki on to the boards.