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Weekly Report - 10/10/14




Started working on using a data fusion method(Dempster-Shafer) with AMP-specific values. The AMP ground truth dataset collected as part of my masters project was used to calculate a set of probabilities for each detector based on the variability of the time series during a particular event group. These probabilities might not be final because of the introduction of a new variability (MultiModal), so i will need to collect more data later on, especially for MM streams. Wrote a script that parsed a time series log file and sent the latency values to anomaly_ts so as to test anomaly_ts against the ground truth data since it is no longer in the active database. I also generated graphs leading up to and 2 hrs after each event in the ground truth to determine if any of those streams were multimodal, but no luck so far. This also means that the probabilities for Noisy and Constant will remain unchanged.