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Weekly Report




Spent the week writing my interim report (attached) and trying to diagnose my computer (which has now completely died and won't do anything when I press the power button). It is almost certainly not the PSU, so it is most likely the motherboard - fun. Think I went a little overboard in describe existing messaging systems in my report, but at least it should be useful for the final report. Had great fun collecting reference on my laptop constantly running out of RAM, being used to 16GB.

Had an interesting idea while writing up a potential architecture in the report. With the peer-to-peer STOMP extension idea, nodes could advertise address(es) they could be reached on via normal STOMP headers through the broker. Weighing up whether to have peer-to-peer part of the client or a very lightweight simple re-sender-like co-resident broker (which would mean no custom protocol changes). Liking the latter at the moment but it would mean more to do.

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