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Weekly Report -- 10/08/2012




Sat down with Brendon and worked out what communication is necessary between the various components of our event detection system. We also decided what we need to start doing to try and bring it together into a working prototype.

My main task is to take all my existing python prototype code and turn it into a C++ detector class to fit into the system we inherited from Andreas. This involved a bit of pain. Firstly, matrix math is a lot easier in python (with magic lists) than it is in C++ so I had to be quite careful and check that at each stage, my converted math was producing the same results as the python prototype. Secondly, interfacing with R via its C "library" is something of a trial and error process, in particular figuring out which elements in the result vector correspond to the values described in the R documentation.

However, I've managed to get past that now and am in the process of finishing up converting the Shewhart code (the stuff that actually picks out events).

Wrote the second assignment for 301, while responding to a few questions regarding assignment 1 which was due on Friday.