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Weekly Report -- 10/05/2013




Spent a little time reviewing my old YouTube paper in preparation for discussing it in 513.

Tracked down and fixed a few outstanding bugs in my new and improved anomaly_ts. The main problem was with my algorithm for keeping a running update of the median -- I had a rather obscure bug when inserting a new value that was between the two values I was averaging to calculate the median that was causing all sorts of problems.

Added an API to ampy for querying the event database. This will hopefully allow us to add little event markers on our time series graphs. Also integrated my code for querying data for Munin time series into ampy.

Churned out a revised version of my L7 filter paper for the IEEE Workshop on Network Measurements. I have repositioned the paper as an evaluation of open-source payload-based traffic classifers rather than a critique of L7 filter. I also spent a fair chunk of time replacing my nice pass-fail system for representing results with the exact accuracy numbers because apparently reviewers found the former confusing.

Tried to continue my work in tidying up and releasing various trace sets, but ran into some problems with my rsyncs being flooded out over the faculty network. This was quite a nuisance so we need to be more careful in future about how we move traces around (despite it not really being our fault!).