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Weekly Report -- 09/11/2011




Rather disrupted week this week, only in for three days total.

Draft version of the new sessions paper is nearly finished. Thankfully, running the old analysis against new traces has produced similar results so I can "borrow" most of the text from an old rejected paper on outbound session analysis.

Checked the results of my sleeper analysis using the longer idle time threshold. Again, not much change to the overall results but I can feel more comfortable with the distribution of idle period lengths now. Have processed the 2009 and 2011 datasets using the new threshold.

Created some anonymised versions of the ISP 2009 traces for Asad. In the process I found a weird libtrace threaded I/O bug where the last block of compressed data won't be written out before the file is closed under very specific circumstances. This one is going to be a pain to track down...