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Weekly Report -- 09/09/2016




Finished up the libtrace4 and wandio releases and pushed them out.

Installed a mock version of skeptic on an openstack VM to test how InfluxDB copes with the full public AMP dataset. In general, InfluxDB seems to be coping OK when inserting / browsing data but the memory requirements of anomaly_ts are a bit larger than I would like so that's an avenue to chase up in the near future.

Continued implementing syscall FSMs manually to find out about other cases we need to consider when trying to automate the process. Added the ability to express a state as another FSM so we can build more complex machines from the smaller ones. Documented the code and put it into bitbucket so other people can start working with it.

Also started trying to use the FSMs on another dataset that Alan had collected. Turns out this dataset had a bunch of new syscalls that my previous parser hadn't seen before so it required a bit of updating.