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Weekly Report -- 09/03/2012




Released libtrace 3.0.14 - mostly just a bug fix release. I also separated the I/O stuff into a separate library so that it can be used outside of libtrace.

Took a quick look at maji again to see if we can use it as part of the MSI project. Fixed up some bugs that became apparent when exporting lots of flow records. Also decided that maji would work a lot better if it underwent a major design change, but resisted the temptation to do so for now.

Secured the RT exporter connected to the live capture point so that only WAND machines can connect to it - someone from a lightwire address had connected to it and sent something invalid which broke the whole wdcap process. The RT exporter also now handles invalid client responses better :)

Started looking at Andreas' time series anomaly detection code. The existing system only really works with offline data, so the first goal is to get it running against a "live" input source.