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Weekly Report - 09 February 2018




This week I spent some time looking at larger topologies that are common in datacenter and carrier networks. I implemented a module which allows creating a dynamic k-arry FatTree topology in Mininet (common in DC networks). I then modified the controllers to find host location in the topology dynamically. This used to be statically specified, however, when implementing the new FatTree topo the pre-specified location no longer worked. Host discovery uses a similar mechanism and approach to RYUs link discovery (LLDP packets) without a liveness check mechanism. So we will only use the packets to figure out where the hosts are in our topology.

I then spent the remainder of the week looking at writing failure scenarios for a FatTree topology of k=4. I have worked on several diagrams that show how path splicing will behave for specific link failure scenarios and also the paths taken for the reactive controller. I am currently in the processing of finishing off a multi-link failure scenario for the new topology and then collecting and processing recovery stats for it.