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Weekly Report -- 08/07/2016




Continued reading over Stephen's thesis.

Further refined my event dashboard improvements. Added an algorithm that should recognise redundant event groups based on ASNs that the groups have in common with other groups that occur at the same time. This allows us to get rid of a large number of the vague UoW-REANNZ-AARNet, REANNZ-AARNet and UoW-REANNZ groups that were cluttering up the dashboard on prophet. Found and fixed a few bugs with the self-updating dashboard that were causing event groups to disappear or appear in the wrong order.

Added a working summary graph to the traceroute path map view, with the added benefit of making the selector appear and actually work for this graph.

Continued to battle with InfluxDB's memory usage on prophet. Experimented with tuning a variety of configuration options to try and avoid some of the surges that we occasionally see. Since these surges usually eventually result in the OOM killer being invoked, we need to be able to better control the memory usage before we can consider rolling InfluxDB into production.