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Weekly Report -- 08/01/2016




Added a new graph type to the AMP website for showing loss as a percentage over time. This graph is now shown when clicking on a cell in the loss matrix, as well as being able to be accessed through the graph browser. Fixed a complaint regarding the matrix where clicking on a cell in an IPv4 only matrix would take you to a graph showing lines for both IPv4 and IPv6 so you would never get the smokeping-style colouring via the matrix.

Started messing around with ostinato scripting on the 10g dev boxes and using DPDK to generate packets at 10G rates. Had a few issues initially because I was using an old version of the DPDK-enabled ostinato that Richard had lying around; updating to Dan's most recent version seemed to fix that.

Spent a bit of time looking at the data collected during the CSC and how it might be able to be used as ground truth for developing some security event detection techniques.