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Weekly Report -- 07/08/2014




Made a video demonstrating BSOD with the current University capture point. The final cut can be seen at

Alistair King got in touch and requested that libwandio be separated from libtrace so that he can release projects that use libwandio without having libtrace as a dependency as well. With his help, this was pretty straightforward so now libwandio has a separate download page on the WAND website.

Continued my investigation into optimal Plateau detector parameters. Used my web-app to classify ~230 new events in a morning (less than 5 of which qualified as significant) and merged those results back into my original ground truth. Re-ran the analysis comparing the results for each parameter configuration against the updated ground truth. I've now got an "optimal" set of parameters, although the optimal parameters still only achieve 55% precision and 60% recall.

Poked around at some more unknown flows while waiting for the Plateau analysis to run. Managed to identify some new BitTorrent and eMule clients and also added two new protocols: BDMP and Trion games.