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Weekly Report -- 07/02/2014




Started going through all the NNTSC exporting code and replacing any instances of blocking sends with non-blocking alternatives. This should ultimately make both NNTSC and netevmon more stable when processing large amounts of historical data. It is also proving a good opportunity to tidy up some of this code, which had gotten a little ropey with all the hacking done on it leading up to NZNOG.

Spent a decent chunk of my week catching up on various support requests. Had two separate people email about issues with BSOD on Friday.

Wrote a draft version of this year's libtrace assignment for 513. I've changed it quite a bit from last years, based on what the students managed to achieve last year. The assignment itself should require a bit more work this time around, but should be easily doable in just C rather than requiring the additional learning curve of the STL. It should also be much harder to just rip off the examples :)

Read through the full report on a study into traffic classifier accuracy that evaluated libprotoident along with a bunch of other classifiers ( ). Pleased to see that libprotoident did extremely well in the cases where it would be expected to do well, i.e. non-web applications.