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Weekly Report - 06/12/13




I've been creating the traceroute map this week (the first half spent initially coding and the second half spent fixing it to work with a much larger real data set). Instead of trying to port the existing PHP or RaphaelJS (SVG library) code, I decided it would be easier to roll my own for Flotr2. I've had a fair amount of success so far, and my graph now looks like this image:

Traceroute map

You can also hover over a path to highlight the entire path and show information about it, and hover over an individual hop to highlight all hops to the same host.

Colours represent unique hosts and there are certain conditions governing path divergence and convergence so that it remains clear to the human eye which path is which. Implementationally the data structure used is a tree in which each node is a path who has zero to many branches. Therefore one constraint is that a path will only ever join up with its root node (the same path it diverged from) and it will currently only ever diverge and converge a maximum of once each. Each alternative path is also drawn on a new line for clarity. I think these constraints help to strike an effective balance between accurate network representation versus visual complexity.