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Weekly Report -- 06/11/2014




Tested and fixed my vanilla PF_RING libtrace code. I've been able to get comparable performance with the pfcount tool included with the PF_RING release so I'm fairly happy with that. Started working on adding support for the ZC version of the PF_RING driver, which uses an entirely different API.

Helped Harris get his head around how NNTSC works so that he could add support for the Ceilometer data. Set myself up with an OpenStack VM so that I can start working on the web graphs to display the data now that it is in a NNTSC database. Also spent a bit of time writing up an explanation of how netevmon works so that Harris can start looking into running our detectors against the Ceilometer data.

Worked with Brendon on Friday to get NNTSC and netevmon installed and running on the lamp machine.