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Weekly Report -- 06/05/2016




Started adding support for the new AMP UDPStream test to NNTSC, ampy and amp-web. Test results are now successfully inserted into the database and we can plot simple latency and loss graphs for the UDP streams. Next major tasks are to produce a new graph type that can be used to represent the jitter observed in the stream and to get some event detection working.

Spent much of my week chasing Influx issues. The first was that a change in how the last() function worked in 0.11 was messing with our enforced rollup approach -- the timestamp returned with the last row was no longer the timestamp of the last datapoint in the table; it was now the timestamp of the start of the period covered by the 'where' clause in your query. However, we had been using last() to figure out when we had last inserted an aggregated datapoint into the rollup tables, so this no longer worked.

The other issue I've been chasing (with mixed success) is memory usage when backfilling old data after NNTSC has been down for a little while. I believe this is mostly related to Influx caching our enforced rollup query results, which will be a lot of data if we're trying to catch up on the AMP queue. The end result on prophet is a machine that spends a lot of time swapping when you restart NNTSC with a bit of a backlog. I need to find a way to stop Influx from caching those query results or at least to flush them a lot sooner.