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Weekly Report -- 06/02/2014




Generated some fresh DS probabilities based on the results of the new DistDiff detector. Turns out it isn't quite as good as I was originally hoping (credibility is around 56%) but we'll see how the additional detector pans out for us in the long run.

Started adding a proper configuration system to netevmon, so that we can easily enable and tweak the individual detectors via a config file (as opposed to the parameters all being hard-coded). I'm using libyaml to parse the config file itself, using Brendon's AMP schedule parsing code as an example.

Spent a day looking into DUCK support for libtrace, since the newest major DAG library release had changed both the duckinf structure and the name and value of the ioctl to read it. When trying to test my changes, I found that we had broken DUCK in both libtrace and wdcap so managed to get all that working sensibly again. Whether this was worthwhile is a bit debatable, seeing as we don't really capture DUCK information anymore and nobody else had noticed this stuff was broken for months :)