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Weekly Report -- 06/01/2012




Began preparing for a new round of captures at both Auckland and our ISP. Added a feature to wdcap at Nevil's request where the amount of payload to capture can be specified in the config file (rather than being fixed at four bytes). In the process, found and fixed a libtrace bug which was causing wdcap to capture an extra four bytes of payload than what was requested.

Pushed towards a new libtrace release. First finished adding support for OSPFv2, based on Simon's code. This was a bit harder than expected, as OSPF is a rather complicated protocol and I wanted to try and get the API right first time around. There were a few little traps in the spec that Simon's original code didn't deal with very well, so I had to work around those as well. It's not a perfect implementation but seems to deal with the sample OSPF packets I have pretty well.

Started the 2012 ISP capture on Friday, seems to be going well so far.

Met with Steffen Wendzel on Friday and talked about our various projects. He was pretty impressed with libtrace and BSOD, while I expect his experience in cyber security and covert channels could be useful for us one day.