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Weekly Report -- 04/09/2014




Continued working on the new wdcap. Wrote and tested both the disk and RT output modules. Re-designed the RT protocol to fix a number of oversights in the original design -- unfortunately this means that RT from wdcap4 is not compatible with libtrace3 and vice-versa.

Added parallel support for RT input to libtrace4 -- prior to this, RT packets were not read in a way that was thread-safe so using RT with the parallel API would result in some major races. The RT packets are now copied into memory owned by the libtrace packet before being returned to the caller; this adds an extra memcpy but ensures concurrent reads won't overwrite each other. Using a well-managed ring buffer could probably get rid of the memcpy, so I'll probably look into that once I've got everything else up and running.

Spent Wednesday at the Honours conference.