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Weekly Report -- 04/07/2014




Carrying on from last week, storing a cache entry per stream turned out to be a bad idea. Some matrix meshes consist of 100s of streams so we spend a lot of time looking up cache entries. As a result, I rewrote the caching code to store one dictionary per collection, mapping stream ids to tuples containing the timestamps. This gets looked up once per query, so only one cache operation is required to generate a matrix.

Updating the cache when we have to query for missing values is a bit annoying, as we cannot simply update the dictionary and put it back in the cache once the query is complete as the data inserting process may have updated other cache entries with new 'most recent data' timestamps while we were fulfilling our query. Instead, we have to re-fetch the dictionary, update the one stream we're changing and then immediately store the dictionary again.

Updated ampy to no longer keep track of active streams and removed support for ACTIVE_STREAMS queries from the NNTSC protocol.

Merged Perry's lzma support into libwandio. Started working towards a new libtrace release -- managed to build and pass all tests on our various development boxes so should be able to push out a release next week.

Spent a day reading over Meenakshee's thesis. Suggested a series of mostly minor edits and changes but overall it is looking pretty good.