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Weekly Report -- 03/10/2014




Finished and submitted my PAM paper, after incorporating some feedback from Richard.

Fixed a minor libwandio bug where it was not giving any indication that a gzipped file was truncated early and content was missing.

Managed to get a new version of the amplet code from Brendon installed on my test amplet. Set up a full schedule of tests and found a few bugs that I reported back to the developer. By the end of the week, we were getting closer to having a full set of tests working properly -- just one or two outstanding bugs in the traceroute test.

Got netevmon running again on the test NNTSC. Noticed that we are getting a lot of false positives for the changepoint and mode detectors for test targets that are hosted on Akamai. This is because the series is fluctuating between two latency values and the detectors get confused as to which of the values is "normal" -- whenever it switches between them, we get an erroneous event. Added a new time series type to combat this: multimodal, where the series has 2 or 3 clear modes that it is always switching between. Multimodal series will not run the changepoint or mode detectors, but I hope to add a special multimode detector that alerts if a new and different mode appears (or an old mode disappears).