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Weekly Report -- 03/05/2013




Managed to get a decent little algorithm going for quickly detecting a change between a noisy and constant time series. Seems to work fairly well with the examples I have so far.

Decided to completely re-factor the existing anomaly_ts code as it was getting a little unkempt, especially if we hope to have students working on it. For instance, there were several implementations of a buffer containing the recent history for a time series spread across the various detector modules. Also, most of the detectors that we had implemented were not being used and were creating a lot of confusion and our main source file had a lot of branching based on the metric being used by a time series, e.g. latency, bytes, users.

It took the whole week, but I managed to produce a fresh implementation that was clean, tidy and did not have extraneous code. All of the old detectors were placed in an archive directory in case we need them later. Each time series metric is now implemented as a separate class, so there is a lot less branching in the main source. There is also now a single HistoryBuffer implementation that can be used by any detector, including future detectors.

Released the ISP DSL I traces on WITS -- we are now sharing (anonymised) residential DSL traces for the first time, which will no doubt prove to be very popular.