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Weekly Report -- 03/03/2017




Finished testing my packet ordering fix for libtrace. Managed to come up with a more efficient method of determining an appropriate order value for int: and ring: so hopefully performance shouldn't be impacted too much by this change. Also fixed a couple of other libtrace bugs that I had noticed, particularly the horrid performance of tracertstats on some live formats. Released a new version of libtrace (4.0.1) that includes these fixes as well as a few others that have come in since the first parallel release.

More tweaks to the FSM generation code. I've found some errors in the way by which I was determining whether one machine was effectively superceded by another, which was causing me to produce extra redundant machines. I've also come up with the new method for creating the match maps when comparing two sequences -- the old method simply focused on picking the longest match and then finding any other matches that cover unmatched territory, which doesn't work so well for some looping sequences which have repetitive sub-sequences within them. My new method tries to find an optimal set of matches that gets the best possible coverage while minimising the amount of overlap, so we avoid matches that only end up covering one token because the rest of the sequence has already been covered by a larger match.