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Weekly Report -- 02/11/2011




Received a new version of NAVL from Vineyard, but unfortunately there is still a problem with double entries in the internal flow cache. I've created a NAVL-only version of the program I've been using and sent that off to them along with a small sample trace that should replicate the problem.

Got some good news in that our ATNAC paper has been recommended for publication in Telecommunication Systems. However, we need at least 40% new content on top of what we've already got and it needs to be ready by Jan 22. Richard suggested we chuck in the work I did measuring outbound TCP and UDP sessions for the SPNAT study, so I started running the analysis against some more recent traces and changing the introductory material to talk about outbound sessions as well as inbound.

Got my degradation graphs looking the way I wanted them to, but a bit of extra analysis revealed that I may have set my sleeper threshold too low. Most of the "sleeping" periods were only just longer than the original threshold of 5 minutes. I've repeated some of the earlier analysis with a threshold of 30 minutes to see how much of a difference that makes.