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Weekly Report -- 02/10/2014




Fixed the issues with BSD interfaces in parallel libtrace. Ended up implementing a "bucket" data structure for keeping track of buffers that contain packets read from a file descriptor. Each bucket effectively maintains a reference counter that is used to determine when libtrace has finished with all the packets stored in a buffer. When the buffer is no longer needed, it can be freed. This allows us to ensure packets are not freed or overwritten without needing to memcpy the packet out of the buffer it was read into.

Added bucket functionality to both RT and BSD interfaces. After a few initial hiccups, it seems to be working well now.

Continued testing libtrace with various operating systems / configurations. Replaced our old DAG configuration code that uses a deprecated API call to use the CSAPI. Just need to get some traffic on our DAG development box so I can make sure the multiple-stream code works as expected.

Managed to add another two protocols to libprotoident: Google Hangouts and Warthunder.