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Weekly Report -- 02/05/2014




Fixed problems we were having with netevmon causing NNTSC to fill up its queues and therefore use huge amounts of memory. There were two components to this fix: the most effective change was to modify netevmon to only ask for one stream at a time (previously we asked for them all at once because this was the most efficient way to query the old database schema). The other change was to compress the pickled query result before exporting it which reduced the queue footprint and also meant we could send the data faster, meaning that the queue would drain quicker.

Fixed a bug in ampy that was preventing events from showing up on the graphs or the dashboard. We now have a fully functioning netevmon running on prophet again.

Spent a couple of days going over the AMP event ground truth I generated a few weeks back after Meena reported that there were a number of events being reported now that didn't have ground truth. This was due to the changes and improvements I had made to netevmon while working on the ground truth -- as a result, some events disappeared but there were also a few new ones that took their place. Noticed a few bugs in Meena's new eventing script while I was doing this where it was reporting incorrect stream properties, so I tracked those down for her while I was at it.

Wrote a NNTSC dataparser for the new AMP throughput test. Found a few bugs in the test itself for Brendon to solve, but both the test and the dataparser seem to be working in the most basic cases.

Had a play with Nevil's python-libtrace code and reported a few bugs and missing features back to him. Looking forward to those being fixed as it is pretty nifty otherwise.