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Weekly Report -- 01/04/2016




Started writing up a short paper on the unexpected traffic analysis I've been doing for the past few weeks. Made decent progress -- I've got a mostly complete draft, just missing a conclusion and an abstract.

Spent a decent chunk of Thursday dealing with the fallout from upgrading influxdb to 0.11 on prophet. This broke most of our existing rollup tables, as the data type that we were now inserting (int) was no longer compatible with the data type that we apparently used to insert (float). Compounding matters was influxdb's lack of visibility into what data types are associated with any given column. Ended up trashing and re-creating the database (somewhat by accident) which fixed the problem, but not an ideal solution if we ever roll this out in production.

513 assignment was due at 5pm on Friday, so dealt with a few final queries from students. 20 submissions in the end, so a bit of marking to do next week.