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Weekly Report -- 01/02/2013




Made a few modifications to Brendon's detectors which make them perform better across a variety of AMP time-series. In particular, the Plateau detector no longer uses a fixed percentage of the trigger buffer mean as its event threshold - instead it uses several standard deviations from the history buffer. Also fixed some problems we were having with being in an event and treating all the following measurements that are similar to those that triggered the event as anomalous. This is a problem in cases where the "event" is actually the time series moving to a new normality: our algorithm just kept us in the event state the whole time!

Once I was happy with that, got the eventing code up and running against the events reported by the anomaly detection stage. Had to make a couple of modifications to the protocol used to communicate between the two to get it working properly (there were some hard-coded entries in Brendon's database that needed a more automated way of being inserted). Tried to get the graphing / visualisation stuff going after that, but there are quite a few issues there so that may have to wait a bit.

Started looking into packaging and documenting the usage of all the tools in the chain that we've now got working. First up was Nathan's code, which is proving a bit tricky so far because a) it's python so no autotools and b) his code is rather reliant on other scripts being in certain locations relative to the script being run.

Added another protocol to libprotoident: League of Legends.